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Battlesbridge Antiques Centre

Battlebride Antiques CentreOver 80 dealers, housed in a variety of old buildings and courtyards are at the Battlesbridge Antiques Centre, which is just off the A130 on the banks of the River Crouch, midway between Chelmsford and Southend.  They buy and sell a wide range of antiques, collectables, crafts, architectural items, garden ornaments, fireplaces and reproductions and they also offer valuation, restoration and interior design services.

There is also a motorcycle museum which is open on Sundays and Battlesbridge is host to a number of classic car events during the year.

The antiques centre made the headlines recently when they had a suprise visit from two members of the Thai royal family, who spent around £20,000 during an eight hour shopping spree – it must have felt like Christmas for the dealers! You can read all about it in an article by the Daily Mail here.

The centre is open 7 days a week, admission is free and there is plenty of space for parking.

For more information, please visit their website.


Written by Karina